Less House, More Home.

I believe all of us want our houses to look perfect, clean, neat and tidy and resplendent with the best of things- be it the decor or the house or the utilities in it. And sometimes, in the zest to make our houses look the best, we end up making them more of what a … Continue reading Less House, More Home.

Untapped Potential at TealandYellow

I am quintessentially a small town girl. I was born and brought up in a closely knit settlement of Sindhis, that had come to this tiny corner of the country after the partition. My father tells me stories of the times when my grandparents came here, quite a tumultuous time to exist in a country … Continue reading Untapped Potential at TealandYellow


I have been reading and learning a bit about different kinds of behaviors at workplace that may impact people's psychological safety and what are some of those things that can impact this safety net positively and negatively. In this article particularly, let's learn about biases, then the importance of diverse viewpoints in decision making and … Continue reading Biases